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Pet Portraits

We at Gray Studios are pet friendly! If you’re like us, we photograph our pets as often as we do our children. As many parents choose to have their children photographed, more pet owners these days are opting to capture their beloved animals as well. Have the dog photographed alone, or included in your family portrait. If you’re looking for a professional pet photographer who understands how to work well with your animal, call Gray Studios Inc. We enjoy working with all sorts of pets and also understand the challenges involved in capturing them. We brings a fresh, open-minded approach to pet photography. And as a customer, you’ll benefit from our Professional approach to every project. We understand that bringing a pet into a new environment can be stressful and recognize their temperaments. Ken, our go to guy for pet portraits and dog lover aficionado, is always close by and so are you. Whether you’re looking to have your pet photographed at home, outdoors, or during a special occasion, Gray Studios pet photographers are available to work with you.